Why Your Office Needs Professional Cleaning

There are plenty of places in the office that everyone forgets to clean – and a few that everyone hopes will just go away if they ignore them! Even with the ultimate office cleaning checklist, things often get missed. Here are some of the likeliest places in the office to find uncleaned and how we can help!

Places in the office least likely to be cleaned include:

Under and behind the trash bins

Office trash bins fill up fast, but besides getting a new bin liner a couple of times a week, they’re not given much attention. Next time you throw away the container from your frozen dinner or a banana skin, have a look at the wall behind the bin. And if you’re feeling brave, the floor underneath it!

Buttons and light switches

Grubby light switches and buttons on the dishwasher, coffee maker, or printer are a common sight in many offices. They can make an otherwise clean office look tired and unloved – and that grime is harboring an unsettling number of germs, too. Little details can make big differences. People interact directly with the buttons on copiers, elevators, and light switches in your office. Making sure they’re clean adds to a positive experience and less illness from spreading germs.

The dishwasher

So, you tackled the full office sink problem by getting a dishwasher for your office. After being used two or three times a day for a couple of years, your glasses and mugs are starting to come out with a bit of a smell and sometimes, there’s little sandy bits stuck to them.

Yes, they do the cleaning, but office dishwashers need to be cleaned, too. There’s usually a little mesh part with a drain that collects bits of food – and that can fill up with all kinds of stuff over time. Give it some attention, and run a self-clean cycle once in a while or call in the pros to help!

Vents and fans

Vent grates and fans can get really dusty, as airflow leads dust particles straight to them. They can contribute to the overall dustiness of and allergies of employees. Let the professionals at STW Cleaning come in and get rid of the dust that is causing people to sneeze!


Blinds can be a real nightmare to clean! Yet, they need a regular dusting to avoid even more work later. If you’re noticing that the blinds in your office are being left dusty (usually because nobody wants to clean them), be warned that this can lead to stickiness, requiring a much deeper clean in the long run. Call in the professionals so you don’t need to worry about cleaning the blinds yourself!

Behind and under office furniture

Part of the reason why office computers collect so much dust is because they’re kept under desks rather than on top of them. Office furniture also creates a natural stop for dust, where airflow is restricted and particles can settle. It’s important to pay attention to the areas behind and under desks, filing cabinets, drawers and office machines. These bigger objects rarely get moved, which can form dust traps over time.

Two Janitor Cleaning The Desk And Mopping Floor In The Office


Carpets have a tendency to trap odors, which in addition to being unpleasant, can also make your office feel less clean overall. Even if you can’t see dirt, it could still be there and a surface clean is not enough. A professional carpet cleaning from the staff at STW Cleaning will not only remove odors, it will remove allergens and keep them out of the air so staff can breathe better and cleaner. Adding professional carpet cleaning is important for the health and comfort of your staff and customers.

Out of sight usually means out of mind – but all that dust can be bad for air quality and your office equipment, so make sure you call STW Cleaning to ensure that your office is clean and no spots are missed!

Commercial Cleaning in Northern Virginia

Are you done with dusting? Has the vacuum cleaner sucked the life out of you? Then let STW Cleaning do it for you. STW Cleaning provides a wide variety of commercial cleaning services to ensure your property is professionally cleaned and neat at all times. We serve our clients throughout Northern Virginia, including Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington counties. Our professionally trained cleaning staff save you time by offering the best quality cleaning services in Northern Virginia for your office or facility. For reliable office cleaning that gets in all those hard-to-reach spots, contact us today!

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