First Clean

Your initial cleaning with us will start with a deep cleaning and then every week or every other week after that. Please note, too, for your scheduling information, your initial cleaning will take longer than normal, between 4-5 hours. Your subsequent cleanings will be between 2-3 hours.

You may pay via CC with a 3% service fee or we can take an electronic check with no fee. We do not take paper checks for better security measures. Please let us know your preference. Please call the office for which payment you prefer. You will also receive a receipt once your payment is processed. We process all payments the day AFTER your cleaning, ensuring you are completely satisfied with the cleaning.

We bring all supplies and equipment. If you have a special product you would like the team to use, just leave out for us and let us know. We use many neutral products for the protection of your home, environment and the cleaners, so you will not typically notice a strong smell. Sometimes we many need to use a stronger product, but all of our cleaning supplies are user friendly.  Cleaners will either remove their shoes or wear shoe covers.

You do not need to “clean” before we arrive. However, we know many homeowners will make sure most items are put away for the cleaners to reach all areas to clean. Leave linens on the beds if you want the sheets changed. If no linens are left on the bed but bed is unmade, we will make the bed. If the bed is made, we will leave as is.

Please secure all pets, for the safety of the cleaners and your pet. Cats usually hide, but please let us know if they have a tendency to try to escape outside. If the dog is lose, we ask you let us know procedure for your pet, i.e., where they will be (crated, locked room, roaming, etc.).

Inclement weather
Safety of our team is our primary concern. Sometimes due to weather conditions, your cleaning may be delayed or cancelled. Once weather has passed, we ask our team has a clear and safe pathway to enter your home. 

Many customers leave us a key to keep or give us a garage or door code. Your key is kept in a secure lockbox in the office. Due to changes in working from home over the last few years, we recognize that many are home now working. We just ask, if possible, you are in a different area when they are cleaning. This makes the workflow for the team much easier.

We know sometimes issues arise at the last moment. Company policy is to give us 24 hour notice for a cancellation. We have in place a $50 late cancellation fee. As much as possible, please inform us ASAP when you need to cancel or reschedule. We prefer not to charge the late cancel fee. If you cancel your regular cleaning and do not reschedule and just wait until your normal scheduled cleaning, there will be a slight increase in payment. For instance, if are normally scheduled for a  bi-weekly but will cancel said cleaning and decide to wait until your next rotation (which will be four weeks before cleaning), you will be charged the every four weeks cleaning. All this pricing will be in your original estimate.

The office personnel are fluent in Spanish. We try to have one cleaning team member who can communicate with the homeowner, but this is not always possible. Please text, email, or call the office if you need to make sure of clarity of communication. You will also receive an email a few days before your scheduled cleaning; at text reminder the day before your cleaning; a text when the cleaning team is on the way; a text when the team is finished with the work. If you are not receiving these messages, for some reason, please let us know. Technology is great, but sometimes glitches happen.

We do not require you to sign a contract commitment to us. Please read our terms and conditions link in the original contract.  Our hope is you are completely happy and continue to use our service with no obligation. However, we recognize finances can change unexpectedly, you may need to move, etc. thereby discontinuing your cleaning service.

We are very thankful for you trusting us to enter your home for the cleaning. You entrust us to treat your home as if our own. What about gratuities for the cleaners?  This is NOT required. Some homeowners, however, leave a tip after each cleaning. Some leave once a year, typically at the end of the year, but this is not expected but of course very appreciated.

Once again, we thank you so much for using our team. We know there are many options and our goal is to make your life easier and help you to “Save The Weekend” by no longer worrying about cleaning your home.

Clean spaces for healthier life.

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