Recurring Cleaning

Save Your Weekend with Recurring Home and Office Cleaning in Northern Virginia

STW Cleaning believes in making household cleaning more convenient. Using our recurring cleaning services, you can save time and set a schedule of appointments on the days that work best for you. We offer multiple cleaning packages that are designed to meet the demands of any home owner. Whether you need your house cleaning services on a regular basis or just one time, we have a cleaning option that’s right for you.

We Offer Reliable Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Cleaning Services for Northern Virginia Homes

STW Cleaning serves customers throughout Northern Virginia. We proudly help homeowners and residents in Fairfax and Loudoun counties with all their recurring home cleaning needs. Let our house cleaning professionals do all of the dirty work for you, so you can focus on everything else you need to get done!

At STW Cleaning, we are committed to saving weekends! Experience our exceptional service, refreshingly simple scheduling, and your very own friendly team of cleaning professionals whose duty is to make your life easier— and cleaner. Our goal is to give you back your free time, so you can spend it on the things that matter most. Contact us today to learn more.

What Makes STW Cleaning the Top Recurring Cleaning Company in Northern Virginia?

  • We offer flexible recurring cleaning weekly, bi-weekly, or once every 4-weeks and can customize our cleaning services to meet the needs of your household.
  • We strive to create a cleaning solution for your family that fits your needs and keeps your home clean and tidy.
  • Our reliable and stable crews understand your specific home needs.
  • We use only the most skilled professionals to ensure the best quality house cleaning services in Northern Virginia.
  • Besides exceptional cleaning, we are also concerned about the environment. We’re proud to provide safe and reliable green cleaning supplies and products to keep your home fresh without harsh chemicals and irritating ingredients.

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Our Commitment to You: With STW Cleaning, satisfaction is always guaranteed!

Happy with your cleaning? Great! Please post a positive review for our cleaning professionals. If something is not right, we will come back and fix it within 48 hours. We want all our customers to be 100% satisfied with the cleaning of their home. If something accidentally breaks, the homeowner will receive a phone call from the office the same day of the cleaning. Additionally, an email will be sent with a picture of broken item if possible, to the homeowner.

Should I Clean Before the Cleaners Arrive?

Of course not! There is no requirement that you “pre-clean” your house, but it is often helpful to de-clutter your home and put away items on the floor or surfaces before the team arrives. This will help our team work more efficiently.

What if I need to reschedule?

No problem!!! Just give us a call as soon as you know there is a conflict with your cleaning, and we can reschedule your cleaning. If multiple (3 or more) cleanings in a row are missed, however, your next cleaning will have an increase in price due to the fact we have not been able to maintain our cleaning standard.

Do I provide cleaning supplies?

We provide cleaning supplies. We are a end user-friendly cleaning company, which is better for the environment, better for our employees, and better for you, the customer.  Our products keep your home fresh without harsh chemicals and irritating ingredients.

How Do I Pay?

We accept all major credit cards and electronic checks to make it easy for you to electronically. A 3% service fee is applied when using credit cards.