Community Outreach

Super Helpers – Our Way to Support the Community

How Our Super Helpers Give Back

STW Cleaning has always looked for ways to give back to the community.  When cancer or another unforeseen circumstance makes life at home difficult, we come together to support cancer patients and their families through our Super Helpers program.

Why We Started Super Helpers

When it came to the mission of STW Cleaning, founder Dawn Crawley felt and still feels strongly that her business had to give back. Because her mother died of breast cancer, Dawn always felt passionate about helping to make life easier for those who are suffering from breast cancer. Consequently, she started by building a specific number of monthly free housecleaning hours to people fighting the disease into her business plan and budget. She expanded the company’s pro bono services to include people with other serious illnesses, and then she started working with first responders.

Today, the company works with anybody in the community who needs the help. We donate cleaning hours to any person in need or a person or family who needs support. What started as mainly working with breast cancer patients and their families, branched to all areas including car accidents, deaths, and unexpected hospitalizations. In particular, our focus is with first responders, educators, and cancer patients.


Essentially, STW Cleaning does two things as a service to the community:

  • We provide front line workers, such as nurses, doctors, police, firefighters, EMT, and teachers with 1st time cleaning at no charge for cleaning the house, as a service to the community. We partner with Loudoun First Responders Foundation, but also do it by referral.
  • We provide a one-time house cleaning service for women who undergo active breast cancer treatment. The women can contact them directly or if someone knows a woman who undergoes breast cancer treatment, they can refer them. On this, we also partner with Step Sisters, an organization that finds appropriate resources to help women who go through breast cancer treatment with everyday tasks.

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At STW Cleaning, we are a house cleaning service, but we are also something more. We believe in bringing people together, inspiring change, and making a difference in the lives of others. Contact us to learn more.

How Can I Contribute?

  • Are you in need of our services? If you are a person in need, please get in touch with us directly. We will be happy to assist.
  • Do you know someone in need? If you know someone in need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and provide us with their contact information.
  • Donate a cleaning: donating a cleaning to a person in need is a wonderful way to help. Please contact us to donate a cleaning.