How to Keep Your Home Tidy In Between Professional Cleanings

Everybody loves the feeling of walking into a clean house. However, after hiring a professional house cleaning service, such as STW Cleaning, many homeowners have difficulty keeping their homes tidy in between cleanings.

So, what can you do to enjoy that fresh and clean feeling a while longer until we come again?

These are some tips on how to keep your home tidy between professional home cleaning appointments:

  • Clean Your Kitchen as You Use It: A kitchen is a busy place. So, it is no wonder it gets dirty quickly after cleaning. Dishes pile up on the sink with every meal, and you have food particles on surfaces from cooking. In no time, your kitchen may look like it was not professionally cleaned.
    • Clean your kitchen as you use it to avoid a mess of dishes and food particles accumulating.
    • Wash your dishes and cooking utensils as soon as you use them.
    • Train everyone in your household to wash their plate immediately after eating. If you spill something while cooking, wipe it off immediately.
    • Always wipe down your cooker and counters every time you use them.
    • Throw away any food that has been in the fridge for too long to avoid bad odors.
  • Manage Your Laundry: Having dirty clothes all over the floor is the easiest way to make your room look untidy. Laundry baskets are a quick solution to managing your laundry.
    • Consider placing a laundry basket in every person’s room so that no one dumps their clothes on the floor. Alternatively, choose laundry points in your house where your loved ones can drop off their clothes as they head out of their rooms.
    • You may also have a sorting station in your laundry room, where you can sort clothes based on color and washing requirements.
    • After doing the laundry, fold each person’s clothes and place them in individual laundry baskets. This helps avoid having piles of unfolded clothes.
  • Keep Your Shoes Outside: Shoes track a lot of dirt into the house, and in no time, your pristine floors start looking dusty. Keep your slippers or shoes in an easy-to-reach place at the front or back door. When you do not track dirt, grass, and other particles into the house, your floors stay cleaner for longer. Also, cleaning your floors is easier when they are not stained with dirt.
  • Avoid Clutter: Perhaps your main problem is clutter, and you are wondering how to tidy up your home. Putting away tiny things or papers that always seem to get misplaced is frustrating. But, it is best to avoid clutter if you want to maintain a tidy house. The easiest way to prevent clutter is to designate a place for everything.
    • Have a drawer for putting remotes, phones, and laptops when not in use. Invest in storage boxes or bins for every room.
    • You can use the storage boxes to place your kid’s toys or throw blankets when not in use.
    • Purchase an organizer for your paperwork and mail. You may also get a wall-mounted hook for placing your keys.
  • Organize Your Living Room:  Always start from the living room when tidying up your home.
    • Put your remotes in one spot, and ensure your kids put away their toys every night.
    • Fold your throw blankets and place them over your couch. Alternatively, get a wicker basket for placing your throws when not in use.
    • Straighten your pillows, clear any items on your coffee tables, and wipe all tables. Always wipe spills on your couches immediately to avoid stains.
    • Vacuum your couches and carpets to get rid of food particles.
    • Restrict eating to the dining table and kitchen to avoid staining your upholstery fabric with food.
  • Tidy Your Bedroom: Making your bed makes your room look neater. Straightening your bed may also motivate you to tidy up your bedroom.
    • Fold and put away extra blankets, straighten your pillows, and remove clutter on your nightstand.
    • Put any dirty clothes on the floor in a laundry basket, and hang or fold any clean clothes you have on your furniture.
    • When you wake up in the morning, open your curtains and the windows to let in some fresh air.

Keeping your home clean and in order helps you keep your home livable before your next cleaning appointment.

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