Save The Weekend with STW Cleaning

Meet Our Founder, Dawn Crawley

When it comes to hard work, our founder, Dawn Crawley, truly knows the meaning of it. Raised on a farm, she has always had a 7-day work week mentality. A highly energized person, Dawn cares about giving back to the community, helping the planet, doing right by her team, and making connections. Through STW Cleaning, Dawn has found a way to turn her generosity into a company that continues to grow and thrive.

Dawn started her career studying social work, and although she loved it, she knew she needed to do something more hands-on, so she became a massage therapist and later founded STW Cleaning with her husband, Geoff.

Let us Save You from Cleaning!

Dawn and the staff at STW Cleaning are committed to cleaning up your home and freeing up your schedule. Whether you need recurring cleans, a one-time specialty clean or a move in or a move out clean our clean team has got you covered.

Our exceptional service, refreshingly simple scheduling, and friendly team of cleaning professionals will make your life easier— and cleaner.