Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

We try to have a least one member who speaks and understands basic English. If this is not possible, no need to worry. Our staff is fluent in English and Spanish and can speak directly to your cleaning team. Just call the office and we will handle any matter to your satisfaction.

No, you do not have to be home. Many customers leave us a copy of their house key we keep stored in a secured, locked location we use to open your home. Some customers hide a key, give a garage or door code specific for our cleaning team.

It all depends on the temperament of your pet. If you feel your pet may be aggressive or easily upset, it is usually best for them to be crated or secured in a different room. However, our cleaning professionals love your pets, and many are left free to roam the house. We just ask if they are free let us know so they cannot escape out the door when we enter or exit.

Of course not! There is no requirement that you “pre-clean” your house, but it is often helpful to de-clutter your home and put away items on the floor or surfaces before the team arrives. This will help our team work more efficiently.

Your personal preferences are our highest priority, and your house is cleaned consistently, every time. Although we prefer to send the same cleaners every time, sometimes customers need to reschedule, and their regular preferred team isn’t always available. If your cleaning team is changed, you will be notified.

We provide cleaning supplies. We are an end user-friendly cleaning company, which is better for the environment, better for our employees, and better for you, the customer.  Our products keep your home fresh without harsh chemicals and irritating ingredients.

We will bring our own equipment and you can be assured that all our equipment is cleaned between jobs. If you have special requirements, we can arrange to use your cleaning equipment.

As part of our service, we begin with a fully detailed clean. However, maybe you don’t use your basement often and it does not need cleaning every time our cleaning professionals are at your home. A rotation could look like this: Rotation #1-whole house; Rotation #2-whole house minus the basement (which will cost less for that cleaning).

Billing & Payments

We accept all major credit cards and electronic checks to make it easy for you to electronically. A 3% service fee is applied when using credit cards.

We will provide you with a service agreement along with a customized quote for your cleaning job. Every house is unique, and our fee and scope of work will be individually tailored to you. We believe superior customer service and cleaning will make you WANT to stay with us and do not require a contract where you MUST stay with our service.

It is not necessary to tip our team members, but if you feel their work merits a tip, our cleaning professionals are very appreciative. Some customers prefer to tip just once a year, typically at the end of the calendar year as a bonus.

Of course! Contact us for more information. The gift recipient can get in touch with us regarding custom services and the amount of your gift will be applied to their invoice.

No problem!!! Just give us a call as soon as you know there is a conflict with your cleaning, and we can reschedule your cleaning. If multiple (3 or more) cleanings in a row are missed, however, your next cleaning will have an increase in price due to the fact we have not been able to maintain our cleaning standard.